Interior Painting

Interior Painting:

Interior painting can be done any time.  Unlike painting the exterior of your house, painting the interior can be done rain or shine.  Although temperatures may dip outside, keeping the house heated will increase drying time.

Interior PaintingKitchen Painting

Make sure you hire a licensed painting contractor.  Don’t wait for summer.  Call us today for an estimate.

Painted Baby’s Room

Painted Baby’s Room:

We painted this room with Kelly Moore paint for a San Ramon couple.  It is all ready for their baby that is due in March.  They were very happy and satisfied with the job that we provided for them and looking forward to their new addition to their family.

Painted Baby's RoomPainted Baby's Room

Tracy Ranch Home

Tracy Ranch Home:

Tarnowski Painting just finished painting a 25 year old Tracy Ranch Home. The home had not been painted since it was built.  We pressure washed the home first to clean dirt and debris.  We then caulked and sealed all cracks and seams which is necessary to make the house weather tight.  We primed and back-rolled the wood siding and sprayed the stucco with a masonry sealer to insure that the new paint would not absorb into the old paint or bleed through. The house was then ready to paint.  We sprayed the body and back-rolled it to fill all voids making the paint job uniform.  After the body was painted, we trimmed the house by hand. The colors picked by the customer were Swiss Coffee for the body and Delta Blue for the trim. All paint and materials by Kelly-Moore.  We did a final walk-a-round with the customer to make sure she was thoroughly satisfied.  As you can see in the photo’s below, the Tracy Ranch Home came out beautiful and the customer was completely satisfied.

Tracy Ranch House Before PaintTracy Ranch House After Paint